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ich in tim▓e would become firm soil nourishing first bu▓shes and later other and taller trees.She was c▓areful, too, to repay her husband’s t●houghtfulness by paying a tribu▓te to what was then his ruling passi●on — astronomy.At one corner of t▓he L-shaped block of buildings she laid ▓down a small observatory


which hou▓sed a telescope of thirty magnifications.Here N▓essim would sit night after nigh▓t in the winter, dressed in his old rust-c●oloured abba, staring gravely ●at Betelgeuse, or hovering o●ver books of calculations for all the world ▓like some medieval soothsayer.●Her


e too their friends could look at the moon● or by altering the angle of the ba●rrel catch sudden smoky glimpses of the clou●ds of pearl which the city always● seemed to exhale from afar.All this, of co●urse began to stand in need of a guar▓dian, and it came as no su


rpr●ise to them when Panayotis arrived and took up● his residence in a tiny roo●m near the stables.This old man with his sp▓ade beard and gimlet-eyes had been ●for twenty years a secondary school ●teacher at Damanhur.He had tak▓en orders and spent nine years at the ▓monaste

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ry of St Catherine in Sinai.What brough▓t him to the oasis it was impossible to tell f▓or at some stage in his apparen▓tly unadventurous life he had had his▓ tongue cut out of his head.F▓rom the signs he made in response to ques●tions it might seem that he had be●en making a

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pilgrimage on foot to the lit●tle shrine of St Menas situated to ▓the west when he had stumbled upon t●he oasis.At any rate there seemed noth●ing fortuitous about his decisi▓on to adopt it.He fitted it to perfection, ●and for a small salary stayed there ▓all the y


ear round as watchman and gardener.H●e was an able-bodied little old ma●n, active as a spider, and fearf▓ully jealous of the green things which ●owed their life to his industry and ca●re.It was he who coaxed the melon-bed i●nto life and at last persuaded a vine to sta●rt cli


mbing beside the lintel● of t

he central doorway.His laughter was a▓n inarticulate clucking, and he ha▓d a shy habit of hiding his face in the tatte●red sleeve of his old beadle’s s●outane.His Greek loquacity, ▓dammed up behind his disability, ●had overflowed into his eyes where it s▓parkled and danced at the sligh●test remark or que


l chapel to St Arsenius in

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tall in Cairo.She had given it● to Justine as a birthday present.These then we●re the treasures they unpacked be▓fore the restless bargaining eye of the ▓old man.It took them some tim●e to make him understand for he followed A●rabic indifferently and Nessim knew ▓no Greek.But looking up at last from the writte▓n dispensation he clasped both● hands and threw up his chin ▓with a smile; he seemed about to found▓e

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坕s hands warmly and made inarticulate ▓clucking-noises.Nessim’s heart w▓ent out to him with a kind of malicious● envy to see how wholehearted his pleasure was▓ at this act of thoughtfulness.From ▓deep inside the camera obscura of the th▓oughts which filled his mind he studied● the old beadle carefully, a▓s if by intense scrutiny to surprise the si●ngle-heartedness which brought the old man happi▓ness, peace o

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y as h▓e thought of the time they had kille▓d for him, of the thinking they had saved him.▓He read into them years of healthy ▓bodily activity which imprisoned thought, neutra▓lized reflection.And yet … who▓ could say Those long years● of school-teaching: the years in▓ the monastery: and now the long winter solitud●e which closed in around the o▓asis, when only the boom and slith▓er of the sea and the whackin

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g o●f palm-fronds w

ere there to ●accompany one’s thoughts….The●re is always time for spiritual crises, he thou●ght, as he doggedly mixed cement and dry sand in▓ a wooden mortar.But even here he was n▓ot to be left alone for Justine, wi▓th that maddening guilty solicitude which she ha▓d come to feel for the man whom she l▓oved, and yet was trying to destroy, appeared● with her trio of Arabs and took up

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her summ●er quarters at the oasis.A restles●s, moody, alert familiar.And then▓ I, impelled by the fearful ▓pangs her absence created in me, smuggled a ▓note to her telling her either that sh●e must return to the city or pe●rsuade Nessim to invite me out to▓ t


he Summer Palace.Selim dul●y arrived with the car and motored me ou●t in a sympathetic silence int▓o which he did not dare to i▓nject the slightest trace of contempt.For● his part Nessim received me with a studied▓ tenderness; in fact, he was glad to▓ see us again at close quarter▓s, to detach


us from the fictitio●us framework of his agents’ reports ▓and to judge for himself if we were … ●what am I to say ‘In love’ The word implies▓ a totality which was missing in my mi●stress, who resembled one of those a●ncient goddesses in that her attr●ibute


s proliferated through he●r life and were not condensed about a● single quality of heart which one could l▓ove or unlove.‘Possession’▓ is on the other hand too strong●: we were human beings not Bronte cartoons.● But English lacks the distinctions which might ●give us (as Modern Greek does) a

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word for▓ passion-love.Apar

t from all this, not knowin?/p>

駁 the content and direction of Nessi▓m’s thoughts I could in no way set his inmost f▓ears at rest: by telling him that Justine was▓ merely working out with me the same obsessive▓ pat

tern she had followed out in

the● pages of Arnauti.She was cre●ating a desire of the will which, since it fed s▓ecretly on itself, must be exhaust●ed like a lamp — or blown out.I▓ knew this with only a part of my mi●nd: but there I detected the true lac▓k in this union.It was not ▓based on any repose of the will

.And yet h▓ow magically she seemed to live — a mistress▓ so full of wit a

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